Making the world a little bit more beautiful


I would define my art interest as somewhat selfish. Creating and expressing is my lifestyle. When I work on my art I do it for myself because of the rich feeling and experience I gain each time. That is what motivates me and drives my career.


As a visual focused individual I enjoy my surroundings. II am enthusiastic about aesthetics and all the beauty surrounding me—from the smallest details to the greatest spaces. I also have a powerful attraction for human-shaped realted art, because for me all the grace and beauty comes together, shapes, shades, colors and lack of it. Human shape related art is my biggest inspiration whether abstract or realistic.


My all time favorite tools are black ink, watercolors and crayon. Furthermore I enjoy working with charcoal, pencil and black ink. Most of the time I draw fast and rough with no fear for lines – necessary to catch the picture in my mind. I also experiment with sculptures.


I consider my art to be unique because of who I am: I am an independent individual with a profound passion for social, cultural and political issues. Those things define me as a person and also have an influence on my art. My focus is to share the images, thoughts, feelings and expressions in my mind with other people – to enrich the world and make it a little bit more beautiful.